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Our Mission

EarlyBird's mission is to provide high-tech, safe, and secure educational resources worldwide as part of our decentralized educational infrastructure. Our patent-pending AR, AI, and gamification technology provides supplemental materials that are expanding in age groups, content areas, and mastery levels as our company expands.

Our Story

EarlyBird was created at the end of Q1 of 2020, when we didn't necessarily know what the state of the world would look like in general, and specifically as it relates to education and schooling. As a team of both web and mobile app developers and teachers, we knew there had to be a way to combine both skill sets and create a high-tech, virtual educational supplement to the schooling children were receiving worldwide. Thus, the EarlyBird mobile app was created for the early childhood and elementary aged demographic to start, with the plan to expand age levels, mastery levels, and content areas as the company progresses.

After our mobile app launched in both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, we knew there had to be an additional element that made us stand out amongst the rest, even outside of our patent-pending technology. After we put our heads together, we knew the way to truly stand out amongst the rest in a saturated eLearning market was to tokenize it. 

Once understanding the concept that anything in this world can be tokenized, we decided to create the SOWL Token, a BEP-20 cryptocurrency utility token, with the utility being the EarlyBird Mobile App. Now, the two go hand in hand to support one another and create what is going to be the world's ultimate decentralized educational infrastructure that will provide a platform for learners, educators, and collaborators worldwide in a variety of age ranges, mastery levels, and practices and content areas! Stay tuned to watch our story unfold even more with EarlyBird and the SOWL Token and thank you for supporting us!

The Founder and CEO of our company is former educator, Megan Hallett. Megan has experience in instruction from Pre-K to 12th grade. Her specialty was in English Language Arts for upper grade levels where she was a tenured teacher for 8 years in the state of Maryland. Also a curriculum writer in her state, Megan has had first-hand experience, knowledge, and an active role in the creation of curriculum needed for both in-person and virtual learning environments. Her Masters in Education with a concentration Classroom Technology from LaSalle University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and her Bachelors of Arts in English Education from the University of Delaware in Newark, Delaware prepared her for the tasks she accomplished as an educator, as well as the tasks she has been and will continue to accomplish in her role within EarlyBird Digital, Inc. and SOWL DeFi Digital Currency, Ltd. 

Our company is currently partnered with the leading blockchain presale marketing team, the Blockchain Pros, based in London, England. With an expansive list of connections and a vast knowledge of all things blockchain, this team knows how to get EarlyBird and SOWL out to the masses so that our long-range plans can become more than plans and rather- a very productive and promising reality.

Experienced Leadership

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