ICO (Initial Coin Offering):
The Sowl Token


The SOWL Token is the Official Cryptocurrency of the EarlyBird Children's Virtual Learning App. Yes, we took a mobile app that is already in the market and tokenized it, thereby creating a cryptocurrency!

The token will eventually be available for purchase on exchanges (such as PancakeSwap, and later on Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken). Additionally, the token can be be earned through our "Educate & Elevate™" model, where children (and parents alike) learn on the app and earn tokens that will grow in value, developing an amazing savings fund (or anything else!). Lastly, the token will be able to be used for purchasing everything from "Toys-to-Tuition™" at participating stores, businesses, and colleges. We have truly created a cryptocurrency ecosystem where everyone involved wins and children around the world learn and grow!

For all of the cryptocurrency enthusiasts, this token is special because it has 11 distinct features including Double Liquidity protocols, a Deflationary token burn protocol, Community voting protocols (including a minority enhancement system), and an asset-pledge protocol that together provides for a highly-innovative and powerful token.

It is an BEP-20 token built on the globally powerful Binance blockchain.

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