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App Levels & Features

Check Out What The EarlyBird Mobile App
Looks Like & What It Can Do!

A Variety of Levels and Content for Families to Choose From!

Version 1 of the EarlyBird Mobile App offers 12 different levels for families to choose from for their children. Each level is so different and unique from the next, and families do not have to master one level to advance to the next. We know there are different skills and concepts families want to use EarlyBird for and others they'd like to educate their children on independently, which is why we went with a cost-effective, choose-your-own content approach.

Patent-Pending Special Features Available 

Our Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Gamification technology allow for your child to experience our SuperOwl named, "Saffron"! Saffron can provide real-time responses to your child's questions on any game level, or any question in general. Additionally, Saffron's kid-friendly and filtered responses can be found in the Object Detection features and coming soon in our Video Tutoring element as well!

Interactive Game Play on All Levels!

Each of the 12 Levels in Version 1 of the EarlyBird Mobile App offer exciting, challenging, and thought-provoking game play and strategies for children to master, all while having fun and learning simultaneously!

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